Educational Grants

Escuela Key Teachers and Staff: APPLY HERE 

Background and Purpose:

The PTA budget includes support for teachers and staff to apply for Educational Grants for programs, projects, and/or materials to enhance the educational experience of the students at Escuela Key Elementary.   Applications can be made by individual teachers/staff or teaching teams (grade level, subject, etc).  Grants are awarded after approval by the PTA Grants Committee, consisting of parent volunteers and school administration. 


The PTA has budgeted a total of $7,000 for Educational Grants in the 2023/2024 school year.  Each grant request is capped at $1,000.  If a staff member receives an individual grant in a given year, that staff member can still apply for a grant as part of a team. The number of grants awarded each review cycle and/or the amount of funds given per grant may vary based on other applications received. Please limit your request to funds to cover your expenses. 

Requirements and Considerations:

Educational Grants are to be used in the current school year and must be used for educational purposes.  

Grants will be awarded based on the following primary considerations:

Additional considerations that may affect funding:

Ineligible Expenses: 

Grant Application Review Cycles:

The PTA typically has two grant cycles, one for each half of the year. If funds are still available, a third Spring cycle will be added.

Application Process:

Please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. You may respond to questions in Spanish if that is more comfortable and efficient for you.

Full details of your plans for grant funds, including an itemized list of expenses, must be included in your application. If you need help creating a budget or talking through ideas, please reach out to your Grade Parents or to the Grade Parent Coordinator at to help identify a parent(s) who can assist.   

If you have any questions about the program, the application or the review process, please contact the PTA Educational Grants Committee Co-Chairs at and    

Examples of eligible expenses, including examples of  activities/materials that have been funded through educational grants in past years:

If funded, details about the grant and grantee may be posted on the Key PTA website, Key PTA social media channels, and PTA email distribution list.


All items purchased with grant funding become property of Escuela Key.