Communication / Communicación

PTA Communication Channels

  • PTA website:
  • PTA listserv: send an email to to receive emails about PTA-sponsored events (TO UNSUBSCRIBE: SEND AN EMAIL TO
  • Padres-Charlan listserv (an unmoderated chat group for Key parents and staff -- this is the place to ask questions, post information of general interest such as upcoming nature center programs, share that your house is for sale, etc): send an email to (TO UNSUBSCRIBE: SEND AN EMAIL TO
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @KeyPTA
  • WhatsApp groups: To be added to the WhatsApp group(s), email with your name, mobile phone number, and whether you'd like to be added to the Spanish-language WhatsApp group or the English-language WhatsApp group
          • WhatsApp guidelines: see below

For questions about any of these PTA communications channels, contact

School Communication Channels

For questions about school communications channels, contact the school at 703-228-4210.



Si tiene preguntas sobre cualquier comunicado de la PTA, contacte


  • Sitio web de la Escuela Key:
  • APS School Talk: Al registrar a su hijo/a en la escuela, se le registrará automáticamente con el sistema de mensajes "APS School Talk" para recibir mensajes sobre la escuela y los eventos de APS.

Si tiene preguntas sobre cualquier comunicado de la escuela, contacte la escuela al 703-228-4210.

Purpose of PTA WhatsApp groups

  • To serve as a vehicle for the PTA to distribute relevant information about school events, activities, etc.
  • To serve as a place where parents can ask other parents questions that are relevant to Key Immersion School activities, events, etc.

List of PTA-moderated WhatsApp groups

  • Key PTA English
  • Key PTA Español
  • Key Kinder PTA English
  • Key Kinder PTA Español
  • 4th Grade
  • Padres Latinos Unidos

Guidelines for use of PTA WhatsApp groups:

We welcome all Key School parents to join, be active, and benefit from this communication platform. Groups are moderated by parent volunteers; they are not monitored by Key staff or administration. While we encourage open communication, it is the PTA’s responsibility to ensure that the group’s content remains useful, relevant, respectful, and constructive. Therefore, please use the following guidelines when interacting on PTA WhatsApp groups.

  • Please do post information or questions that would be relevant to a large number of people.
  • For questions that are more individual to you or your child, please contact the teacher, school office/clinic/Extended Day, school administrator, or PTA officer directly. If you do not know who to ask, contact the school or PTA using the following links:
  • If you notice that you are having a dialogue with a single member of the group, please change the conversation to direct message.
  • Please do not use this group to criticize someone (parent, Key staff member, student) or air grievances. If you are having a problem with an individual parent on the WhatsApp group, please directly message the relevant party. If you are experiencing a problem with day to day school operations, such as with facilities or staff members, please contact the school directly. If you do not know who to contact, or if you need assistance from the PTA Executive Team with your issue, please contact or
  • Try to limit your posts to “reasonable” waking hours (for example, 7:00am - 9:00pm) unless it is an emergency, such as a school closure, late start, etc. If your child forgot something at school or you’re not sure which items to bring to school functions, please consider waiting to post.
  • Please do not send videos, pictures, memes, news articles or any content that will not be in the interest of the majority of the members of the group or that are not directly in line with the purpose and objective of the group. Avoid sending videos or files that are very large.
  • Unless it is directly involving Key Immersion School or a PTA group, please avoid sending content that is thematic on politics or religion.
  • Please do not send any content that is violent, pornographic, abusive, offensive, misleading, hateful, spam, or sales pitches.

**Kinder groups**

Recognizing that families who are new to Key (or to Arlington) often have more questions and would benefit from additional opportunities to connect with other parents, the guidelines for the two Kinder groups are more relaxed when it comes to what qualifies as information that is “relevant to a large number of people.” Please do post questions and information that are specific to Kinder classes, activities, field trips, and so on, as well as questions and information that parents new to the school might not know.

To be Added to a Group

If you would like to be added to a group, please send an email with your cell phone number to

To Leave a Group

You can, of course, leave a group at any time -- to leave the group, click on the name of the group you wish to exit (at the top of the chat) to reach the group info page. Once on the group info page, scroll to the bottom and hit “Exit Group”. You can also use the mute option if you do not want to receive notifications of postings but wish to remain in the group -- you can turn this option on by visiting group settings. If you feel uncomfortable in the group for any reason, please contact or to discuss.