Did you know that much of the upkeep and improvements made to the Key Schoolyard is performed by parents just like you? Arlington County, APS, and Key School resources provide minor ongoing maintenance, but parent volunteers do the rest.

The schoolyard committee helps organize periodic cleanups to improve specific areas. Want to help contribute? Please provide your email to receive updates on future activities.


¿Sabía que gran parte del mantenimiento y las mejoras realizadas en Key Schoolyard son realizadas por padres como usted? Los recursos del Condado de Arlington, APS y la Escuela Clave brindan un mantenimiento continuo menor, pero los padres voluntarios hacen el resto.

El comité del patio escolar ayuda a organizar limpiezas periódicas para mejorar áreas específicas. ¿Quieres ayudar a contribuir? Por favor, envíe su correo electrónico para recibir actualizaciones sobre actividades futuras.

Next Cleanup: August 17 9a-12p

Our next cleanup is scheduled for the morning of August 17th. Areas of focus:

  1. Cleanup around the playground - rake mulch, weed

  2. Cleanup along Veitch

  3. Weed front of school

  4. Weed walkway between school and trailer

Please sign up above to be included.

Future Projects

Cleanup Entrance – trim trees, weed, landscaping fabric, mulch, plants

Cleanup walkway between school and trailers - trim bushes, install edging, add gravel and mulch

Grade area between blacktop and playground

Repurpose north dirt field

Completed Projects

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July 13: Summer Cleanup

  • Cleanup along Veitch St and Key Blvd

  • Dig out drains - trailer and playground

  • Maintenance: breezeway

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June 20: 5th Grade Project

  • Amended soil in three major planting areas

  • Painting and Installing New Trash and Recycling Cans and Signs

  • Picked up trash

  • Cleaned up beds around school

  • Enhanced front Key School sign

  • Added hostas in front of the Key School sign, hellebores and Spanish lavender in the Principal's Garden, and astilbe and Christmas ferns in the beds near the bus loading areas