Room parents

Room parents assist their child’s homeroom teacher by disseminating information and coordinating events and volunteers. To volunteer or for more information, contact RPcoordinator@keypta.org.

Friday Folder volunteers

Click here to download the Key School Friday Folder “How To” Guidelines.

Additional volunteer needs

Here are a few ways to get in involved in and support our students, teachers, and wonderful school community:

  • Teacher appreciation – Help coordinate our teacher appreciation meals and events! (Contact internal-affairs@keypta.org)

  • Social events – Help host a parents-only or family social event for your child’s grade! (Contact internal-affairs@keypta.org)

  • Translation – Do you speak both English and Spanish? Join our Translation Team to help ensure that all our PTA communications are available in both languages! (Contact communications@keypta.org)

  • Schoolyard – Help make our schoolyard beautiful! (See our schoolyard page)

  • Auction – Help out with our largest fundraising event of the year! (Contact auction@keypta.org)

Contact PTA president Erin Lester (president@keypta.org) if you have additional ideas or questions!

APS volunteer application

For the safety of our students and schools, APS requires volunteers and field trip chaperones to go through a volunteer application process. It's very simple to do online: _____.

You do NOT need to wait until you have completed this process to let us know you want to volunteer. Please reach out to us to get started with volunteering at the same time as you start the Volunteer Application Process / El Voluntariado. Thank you for volunteering for Key!