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How to Get Reimbursed from the Key PTA

If you have any questions regarding the budgeted amounts for various activities funded by the PTA, please contact Susan Gillin, PTA Treasurer, prior to making expenditures. Please keep receipts for all expenses for reimbursement purposes. To be reimbursed, submit a completed PTA reimbursement form with original receipt(s) attached before June 30. A link to the form is below or you can pick up a hard copy in the PTA Treasurer’s file in the Key Main Office. All requests for reimbursement can be left in the PTA Treasurer’s folder or mailed. Contact the PTA Treasurer at with any budget or reimbursement questions.

PTA Reimbursement Form PTA Deposit Form

View 2020-2021 Key PTA Budget (approved by membership 9/22/2020)

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