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You're not alone! These questions were taken (in some cases verbatim) from inquiries we've received through emails and on WhatsApp. If you think of another question that might belong on this page, please email

Technology questions

Wifi is working but our iPad can't connect, what's wrong?

Some things to check:

Global Protect


Where can I go for technical support?

What is MyAccess?

MyAccess is a Single Signon solution implemented to simplify logging on to various technologies for learning. It's essential to accessing content on APS issued ipads. Your student logs on using their studentID and password, which can be found on the back of their APS issued iPads. On APS iPads look for the MyAccess@APS app (the app icon is below, sometimes referred to as RapidIdentity). On non-APS devices, use the following url:

More info can be found here:

Where can I find class assignments? -- Canvas!

Canvas is APS's learning management system and is accessible from APS iPads. This is where teachers will post assignments and activities! The Canvas icon is shown below and is labeled "Student" on the APS iPads (for accessing the student view). Login using the studentID and password, which can be found on the back of each student's APS-issued iPad.

Canvas can sometimes be referred to as "Instructure" and can also be accessed from non-APS issued devices by visiting and selecting Canvas once logged in. More information and instructions area available here:

How do I login to a learning app? -- try Clever!

Clever is a service which allows students to access many apps and accounts through a single portal. You access Clever by first logging on to MyAccess, and then launching Clever. Once in Clever you will see icons to your child's learning apps. Click on the one that corresponds to teacher assignments! Examples might be (but are not limited to) Seesaw, Dreambox, KidsAtoZ, and Lexia.

More information can be found here:

What are the Microsoft Teams login credentials?

You can log in to teams using the [studentID] as the email address... and the password that's on back of the APS iPad under the studentID. Check out this link for more detailed instructions: .

I keep seeing references to my child's email address. Do I need to check their email?

Nope! The email address isn't actually a functioning address - it just allows the kids to log on to apps and devices that belong to APS. It also allows them access to their Google Drive.

How do I update the APS iPad's iOS?

Instructions can be found here:

If your updates keep failing at home, sometimes it works alot faster if you're close to a school (so you can connect to the school's wireless network)! We've had success parked in a school parking lot!

General questions

Where can I find Escuela Key hours and phone numbers?

Click here:

How can I contact my child's teacher(s)?

You can send them an email; the staff directory is located here: .

WHAT do we BRING on the First Day of School?

  • APS issued iPads

    • charge them each night

    • bring them each day w/ headphones (headphones are not provided by the school)

    • they will come home everyday (this applies to all grades) in the event of a quarantine.

    • Try to upgrade the Operating System (apply the latest update) if you can; Click here for instructions

    • If you haven’t received an ipad yet, they will be distributed by classroom teachers during the first week of school

  • School Supplies (if you didn’t have an edukit sent to the school)

    • kids can spread it out over the week (bring some each day), but

    • on the FIRST day kids should bring the pencil case with writing implements. Make sure to label your case, since you won't be sharing it with any other student.

    • The deadline to purchase an edukit was August 8.

    • To purchase supplies yourself, please see school supply lists HERE. Target has an online service to help called School List Assist

  • Refillable water bottle (the school has water filling stations)

  • A few extra masks in a plastic bag

  • What do I label? We recommend that you label anything your child brings from home! Anything sent to the school (like Edukits) will be handled by teachers.


  • Arrival and Dismissal information is posted HERE

  • Please fill out the sticker you received in your class assignment letter/packet. This is most important for knowing how your child will be getting home. If you didn’t receive a sticker:

  • Also, please speak to your child about how they are getting home. It helps if they know! (and it matches the sticker)

  • Our new bike racks have been installed recently. Students riding bikes are encouraged to park along the fence by the Kiss and Ride zone or come in with their bikes and park in front of door A1.

  • These recent maps illustrate the kiss and ride traffic flow:

What are the COVID-19 protocols?

When will Extended Day be available?

Extended Day will be open on 08/30 at 7:00 am for parents registered for the Before School Program and directly after school for those registered for After-school Extended Day. The exception is Pre-K students will start on Tuesday due to their delayed opening.

Other information you may need:

  • Parents are to drop off and pick up students from door- D12 (closest to the McDonalds).

  • Students must wear masks.

  • Snacks will be served daily and outside as weather permits. We have peanut free snacks and individual packaged foods will be used as much as possible.

  • We are encouraging students to bring water bottles. Extended staff will help with refills from the water station.

  • Any other questions can be directed to


Login to ParentVUE, look in the Student Info tab in the Pick-Up Information and Drop-off Information sections. Letters and emails will also be sent to you with this information, just before school begins. If you have questions you can email (More contact info HERE)

Has the Escuela Key Welcome event for all grades been rescheduled?

School administration and the PTA ARE still working on this! We are also working on a video tour of the new building. Please stay tuned!

Will APS provide free Lunches this year?

Yes, free lunches (and breakfasts) will be provided this year for all students.

  • Due to delays in construction, our kitchen won’t be ready by the start of school, so we won’t have hot lunches until it’s finished. Breakfast and lunch will be delivered daily, and Escuela Key will have reach-in freezers, coolers, milk coolers and tables available for daily food service. Healthy meals will be available to students when school opens on Mon, Aug. 30 through the completion date of the kitchen (expected in October or November).

  • The cafeterias will remain open for student dining.

  • While you do not need to qualify to receive free breakfast and lunch this year (it’s free for all students), if you qualify for the FARMs program, please sign up for it. By doing this your family will qualify for other Arlington services More info, and to apply, CLICK HERE

I’m getting an error when accessing ParentVUE

These FAQs are from your PTA; Please let us know if you have a recommended addition by emailing!

SY 2021-2022 Preguntas frecuentes sobre el regreso a clases

QUÉ TRAER el primer día de clases

  • iPads emitidos por APS

    • cárguelos cada noche

    • traerlos todos los días con audífonos (la escuela no proporciona audífonos)

    • volverán a casa todos los días (esto se aplica a todos los grados) en caso de cuarentena.

    • Intente actualizar el sistema operativo (aplique la última actualización) si puede. Haga clic aquí para obtener instrucciones.

    • Si aún no ha recibido un ipad, los maestros los distribuirán durante la primera semana de clases.

  • Útiles escolares (si no tienes un edukit enviado a la escuela)

    • los niños pueden distribuirlo durante la semana (traiga un poco cada día), pero

    • el PRIMER día los niños deben traer el estuche de lápices con útiles de escritura. Asegúrate de etiquetar tu caso, ya que no lo compartirás con ningún otro estudiante.

    • La fecha límite para comprar un edukit era el 8 de agosto.

    • Para comprar útiles usted mismo, consulte las listas de útiles escolares AQUÍ. Target tiene un servicio en línea para ayudar llamado School List Assist

  • Botella de agua recargable (la escuela tiene estaciones de llenado de agua)

  • Algunas máscaras adicionales en una bolsa de plástico.

  • ¿Qué etiqueto? - ¡Le recomendamos que etiquete todo lo que su hijo traiga de casa! Todo lo que se envíe a la escuela (como Edukits) será manejado por los maestros.

  • Un sombrero para el almuerzo al aire libre si es necesario, pero no envie protector solar. póngaselo a su hijo en casa.


  • La información de llegada y salida se publica AQUÍ

  • Por favor complete la calcomanía que recibió en su carta / paquete de asignación de clase. Esto es muy importante para saber cómo llegará su hijo a casa. Si no recibió una calcomanía.

  • Además, hable con su hijo sobre cómo llegará a casa. ¡Ayuda si lo saben!

  • Nuestros nuevos portabicicletas se han instalado recientemente. Se anima a los estudiantes en bicicleta a que se estacionen a lo largo de la cerca de la zona Kiss and Ride o que entren con sus bicicletas y se estacionen frente a la puerta A1.

  • Estos mapas recientes ilustran el flujo de tráfico de kiss and ride:

PREGUNTAS sobre el protocolo COVID-19

Día Extendido

El día extendido estará abierto el 30 de agosto a las 7:00 am para los padres inscritos en el programa antes de la escuela y directamente después de la escuela para los inscritos en el día extendido después de la escuela. La excepción es que los estudiantes de Pre-K comenzarán el martes debido a su apertura retrasada.

Otra información que puede necesitar:

  • Los padres deben dejar y recoger a los estudiantes en la puerta D12 (la más cercana al McDonalds).

  • Los estudiantes deben usar máscaras.

  • Los bocadillos se servirán todos los días y al aire libre según lo permita el clima. Tenemos bocadillos sin maní y los alimentos empaquetados individuales se utilizarán tanto como sea posible.

  • Alentamos a los estudiantes a que traigan botellas de agua. El personal extendido ayudará con las recargas de la estación de agua.

  • Cualquier otra pregunta puede dirigirse a


Inicie sesión en ParentVUE, busque en la pestaña Información del estudiante en las secciones Información para recoger y dejar información. También se le enviarán cartas y correos electrónicos con esta información, justo antes de que comience la escuela. Si tiene preguntas, puede enviar un correo electrónico a (Más información de contacto AQUÍ)

¿Se ha reprogramado el evento de bienvenida para todos los grados?

¡La administración escolar y su PTA todavía están trabajando en esto! También estamos trabajando en un recorrido en video por el nuevo edificio. ¡Por favor manténgase al tanto!


Este año se proporcionarán almuerzos y desayunos gratuitos para todos los estudiantes.

  • Debido a los retrasos en la construcción, nuestra cocina no estará lista para el comienzo de la escuela, por lo que no tendremos almuerzos calientes hasta que esté terminada. El desayuno y el almuerzo se entregarán todos los días, y Escuela Key tendrá congeladores, refrigeradores, refrigeradores de leche y mesas disponibles para el servicio de alimentos diario. Las comidas saludables estarán disponibles para los estudiantes cuando la escuela abra el lunes 30 de agosto hasta la fecha de finalización de la cocina (se espera en octubre o noviembre).

  • Las cafeterías permanecerán abiertas para las comidas de los estudiantes.

  • Si no es necesario que califique para recibir desayuno y almuerzo gratis este año (es gratis para todos los estudiantes), si califica para el programa FARMs, regístrese. Al hacer esto, su familia calificará para otros servicios de Arlington Más información, y para solicitar, HAGA CLIC AQUÍ

Error al intentar acceder a ParentVUE

Estos son de su PTA; ¡háganos saber si tiene una adición recomendada enviando un correo electrónico a!